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Rules For Sharing This Space/Office

Saturday, September 27, 2014 12:24:20 PM

Have to share space with others, post this.

Rules For Sharing This Space/Office

  1. Cell phones must be put in silent mode, vibrate mode or turned off.
    In vibrate mode, place a thick (1 in, 2.54 cm) pad of paper or similar sound deading material
    under the phone to reduce the vibration noise if placed on the desk.
    Your ringtones are not cute, they’re annoying.
  2. Personal calls are to be taken outside of the office.
    These calls always fall under the following conditions:
    a) It’s none of anyone’s business.
    b) Nobody wants to hear it.
    c) Your conversation is boring.
    d) The only personal call acceptable is a death in the family and it has to be you.
  3. No calls on speaker phone unless everyone is involved.
  4. Lower your voice on all calls.
  5. Do not call someone down the hall, walk over there.
  6. Earphones when listening to any type of media and
    the sound must be low enough so it does not bleed out.
  7. Computer sounds and/or alerts must be at their lowest setting.
    If anyone under 10 years old can hear it then it is too loud.
  8. Leave your bad habits at home. e.g., no yawning out loud, no singing,
    no humming, no whistling, no finger drumming, no foot tapping, etc…
  9. Honour the spirit of these rules for common courtesy, not just what it says.
    In other words, what you can do is listed, otherwise it is prohibited.

#9 is for the lawyer types. Those who say they can do it because the rule is not listed.

Don’t be an Annoying Cell Phone User

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