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Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1TB Portable USB Drive WDBABM0010BBK-NESN

Western Digital (sucks) SmartWare

Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1TB Portable USB Drive WDBABM0010BBK-NESN

After purchasing this drive, you will find a nice little surprise…
it’s advertised as a feature but if you want to delete it… think again…


Who’s brilliant idea was it to suck up 663.3MB with this software. You
can’t even delete it. They said they listen to their users and
responded. Providing software to hide the volume is simply listening
with partially deaf ears (must have gone deaf about the part where
users are asking how to DELETE their software). They only heard what
they wanted to hear. You are still missing over half a gigabyte (512MB
= .5GB). Unusable, and do they think their solution is the best one
and/or it is something ALL users want.

This “SmartWare” is Western Digital’s attempt to introduce their backup
and security solution onto unsuspecting consumers. You know about it
because it is prominently advertised as a great new feature but you are
in for a rude awakening if you have no need for it and want to delete
it and claim back precious disk space. The software appears on your
desktop as a separate volume. Don’t want to use it or see it, let’s
just eject it… whoops, it’s back, you cannot eject it even after the
main volume is ejected, what the fuck is that about.

You have to run two separate apps that you can download from their
site. One is to update the drive’s firmware first and the second app
allows you to hide and unhide the volume. Backup and security software
is supposed to run silently in the background. It needs to stay out of
your way not jump in your face, are you listening Western Digital. This
is what happens when proprietary gear heads get locked together in a
dark room. A monkey with a Ouija board could have seen the backlash
with a bonehead decision like this. If there wasn’t a backlash why
would they provide software to hide the volume.

Funny how the marketing group decided to exclude this little tidbit of
information from consumers. I’m sure sales figure would be much lower
if they prominently marketed this feature. “By the way, we have
included WD SmartWare, an ingenious method to force our way on you
because 1) You cannot remove this software, 2) You can only hide it so
the usable space itself is still 663.3MB less than advertised, 3) The
SmartWare mounts on your desktop as a Virtual Drive and you cannot
eject, if you try it will simply remount itself and annoy, irritate and
bug the shit out of you”.

The SmartWare volume itself says it is 237.5MB but Get Info reports
663.3MB is used, the rest is used for the SmartWare version for Windows
and other overhead. That’s right, you get two copies, what a bonus!!
what a waste of disk space!!.

Another irritating thing is the plug that connects to the drive,
it’s proprietary, you cannot use a standard micro or mini USB plug, it
also does not stay securely connected
[edit: I think I was wrong
about the connector type but it did not stay securely connected]. Turning the
device over disconnects the drive and then you have to fiddle with it
to reconnect. Why would you do this, you are asked to verify the serial
number of your device before you try to hide the SmartWare volume. This
is dangerous, if you have a backup running and you move the device
because it is in the way on your desk, it may disconnect.

Remember, this is a portable device, designed to be moved around
(i.e.., taken with you if needed) so it will not always be returned to
the same place on your desk. Another FAIL for Western Digital. Quality
Control and Quality Assurance took a back seat here.

All of management needs to go, with thinking like this running through
the top, you know you are in trouble. I’m going to vote with my wallet,
Western Digital just lost a customer.

Less than 24 hours of ownership and already a boat load of problems.

Link for software to hide their crap, what did you expect, it’s their solution.

Possible other solutions

This site appears to offer the most promising solution as it says it
will actually remove the volume. I did not try it as I returned the
drive. The downside is it windows only. If you have access to a windows
machine or run windows in a virtual environment you should be good to


The best solution is just don’t buy this drive, period.
Western Digital offers this drive WD Elements SE 1 TB. This does not come with the extra crap. It is empty out of the box.

2 Responses to “Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1TB Portable USB Drive WDBABM0010BBK-NESN”

  1. you r right. I have installed/updated firmware and smartware from net but i dont need backup facility. How can i disable this feature?

    • The blog has been updated with links to two possible solutions. One hides the volume and the other reports that it will remove the volume.

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